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Indistry for Artists BKP Sept 2019

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Share Your Music
Share Your Story

Help share your story and your music with your
fans. Grow with us, as we market you and your
music, expose you to our brand partners,
perform at our live events, use our interactive
hotspots to drive music lovers to listen to your
album on Spotify/Apple Music….all the while
monetizing on your content.

What You Get


Get paid fairly with royalties on each video that is streamed on your channel as well as brand advertising revenue share.

Marketing Support

Indistry becomes your digital marketing arm to help promote you as an artist, your story as well as your music.

Live Events

Be a part of Indistry’s live events (some live streamed) and get performance opportunities across our interactive events in music, film, and fashion.

Music/Merchandise Sales

Leverage our interactive hotspots to drive fans to your Spotify or Apple Music to stream your playlist album or directly to your website to purchase your merchandise.


Become an Indistry Artist

INDISTRY is a launching pad for emerging music artists from all different genres. Today, there are no hard and fast rules for getting your music discovered and no clear blueprint for  building your success.  To stay competitive in the music business, artists today have to do more than make great music.  They have to build a brand; build a social following and fan base; and know the intricacies of the music business and sales.

We can’t do it all for you, but we can help you get started. This is an invite-only opportunity.  If you believe you have what it takes to be a music star, we can help you get there with your own INDISTRY channel where you can upload your music and videos.  Our social media buttons allow you to engage with fans around the world and if they love your sound, our interactive buttons will take them directly to iTunes, Spotify, or other online music store to purchase your music.  You can even monetize on your content.  Finally, as part of the INDISTRY community, you will have access to brands organically for exciting collaboration opportunities.

Tell us who you are and let’s hear your music.  Start creating your music footprint here on INDISTRY.

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