Investor Partnerships

INDISTRY is the first of its kind, SVOD-based, interactive OTT digital platform that converges entertainment, e-commerce, and social media to a single environment where viewers can watch, socialize, shop and interact all on one screen.  Our core target audience are the 2B global millennials whose social online behavior have shifted the way viewers consume content. INDISTRY acts as an extension of their life by becoming a “one stop shop” destination to access original content that appeals to their lifestyles, tastes, and brand preferences.

Our subscription-based model is scalable and capital-efficient with built-in incremental revenue making INDISTRY a highly resilient and tremendous growth opportunity for investors.

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Charitable Partnerships

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.”  – Albert Einstein

At the core of what we do, INDISTRY helps non-profits and socially-responsible organizations bring their cause to life through entertainment. We help them create meaningful results by leveraging our interactive buttons to amplify their message and engage viewers around the world.

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Brand Partnerships

Our brand partners have access to our highly social, millennial audience whose lifestyles and discerning tastes require more than static advertisements to be engaged.  As tastemakers in music, sports, fashion and pop-culture entertainment, brands play a huge part in their life and are apt to engage when brands understand their world.  INDISTRY offers a number of creative advertising vehicles to optimize engagement with consumers, including brand integration, brand sponsorships, interactivity with direct links to brand partner sites, and INDISTRY-led promotions on social media platforms.

Tell us how we can help you reach millennials in a more meaningful way by filling out our form. Our team will work with you to create a custom advertising package that aligns with your marketing and promotional goals.