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Indistry for Partners

Be Where Your
Consumers Are!

Get in front of our highly social, millennial audience
whose lifestyles and discerning tastes demand more
from entertainment. Our tastemakers want more
than static or video ads. They want to engage with
brands they love and to “co-create” with you on
shows, movies, live events, emerging music artist
channels and with their favorite celebrity content!
Let’s partner!

Let’s Partner!

Interactive Technology

Leverage Indistry’s creative interactive technology to drive audiences directly to your e-commerce website across our programs, so fans can shop what they see on screen!

Product Placement

Use story-telling as the backdrop for advertising your products and services, and get product placement within our programs and music artists’ videos. Let audiences see you within their favorite shows and artist channels. It’s creative, seamless, and gives them the choice!

Live Events

Sponsor some of Indistry TV’s highly interactive and socially charged, live events across our music, film, and fashion, and use the content on you

Data Analytics

Get data on viewership and use information so you can better understand your audience.

Media Kit

Download to learn more.

Become an Indistry Partner

Our brand partners have access to our highly social, millennial audience whose lifestyles and discerning tastes require more than static advertisements to be engaged.  As tastemakers in music, sports, fashion and pop-culture entertainment, brands play a huge part in their life and are apt to engage when brands understand their world.  INDISTRY offers a number of creative advertising vehicles to optimize engagement with consumers, including brand integration, brand sponsorships, interactivity with direct links to brand partner sites, and INDISTRY-led promotions on social media platforms.

Tell us how we can help you reach millennials in a more meaningful way by filling out the form. Our team will work with you to create a custom advertising package that aligns with your marketing and promotional goals.

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