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If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone
If You Want to Go Far, Go Together

- African Proverb

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Television, which has dominated broadcast for decades, is starting to lose its sway.  More consumers are turning to different devices—computers, tablets, gaming consoles, and even mobile devices.  People are “cord cutting” and ditching their cable subscriptions for the video they can access over the internet through OTT (over-the-top) services, having more control of what, where, and when they watch.   Millennials specifically, are streaming TV, movies, music, socializing and shopping 3x more than any other generation….and they’re doing it wherever, whenever they want across multiple devices – their mobile phone, tablets and laptops.  At 77 million strong, with a consumer spending power of $1.3 trillion, Millennials are the most diverse, globally-aware and socially conscious generation to date.  They are an active audience relying on each other, sharing opinions with friends and supporting their generation and community.

The Problems We Solve include:

  • Brands commercialization
  • One-Stop-Shop for watching content, shopping and socializing across one device
  • Celebrity Access and Monetization
  • Music Artists’ Control
  • Distribution for Independent Filmmakers/Content Creators
Audience Profile - Indistry

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Our core target audience are the 2B global millennials whose social online behavior have shifted the way viewers consume content. INDISTRY acts as an extension of their life by becoming a “one stop shop” destination to access original content that appeals to their lifestyles, tastes, and brand preferences. Our ‘Freemium’ model is scalable and capital-efficient with built-in incremental revenue making INDISTRY a highly resilient and tremendous growth opportunity for investors.  To learn more about INDISTRY and how you can become an investor partner, complete our form and we will contact you.

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