About Indistry

INDISTRY is a first-of-its kind interactive streaming platform that celebrates and develops emerging artists in film and music while allowing our audience to come together to shape the direction of the content they consume.  Through our platform and live events, INDISTRY fosters a creative community where users, creators, and brands can interact in a unique ecosystem celebrating creativity in film, fashion, music, and more.  

Championing the work of emerging talent in TV, film and music, we use our interactive entertainment platform to support them by way of distributing their work, live events, marketing and exposure, as well as access to our brand partners for collaboration.   We also work with celebrities who share our vision and want to entertain their fans; but more importantly, those who are using their influence to make a positive social impact in today’s world.

INDISTRY’s unique interactive technology allows users to not only watch content, but shop what they see on their screen, socialize and engage with it.  If a video has a hotspot, click it to engage.  Love discovering new music?  Check out our Emerging Artist Channels or Music Video channel, then click on the hotspot to go directly to Spotify or Apple iTunes to stream the artist’s full album.  Love fashion?  Buy an item the artist is wearing right on the music video!  Simple, fun and all on one device!

*** Interactivity not available on Apple TV

The INDISTRY mobile app is available on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile phones as well as Apple TV.   Audiences get FREE unlimited access to episodic shows and movies across a variety of genres covering comedy, reality, drama, sci-fi, horror and others, as well as emerging music artist channels and music videos.  Free for 90 days, users can also try our premium celebrity channels and live streamed music concerts, film screenings, and other events including exclusive behind-the-scenes content.  If you like what you see, continue to have access to these channels for $9.99 per month.

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Our Channels

Series & Movies are original scripted, unscripted shows and independent films across a variety of genres including comedy, drama, reality, sci-fi, horror and others that resonate with the life and interests of our audience.

Celebrity offers exclusive content with celebrity partners in sports, music and entertainment giving members an up close and personal look into their lives when the cameras aren’t rolling.  Fans get what they want – exclusive content showing the “real side” of their favorite celebrities, including personal stories, philanthropic passions, and special never-before-seen content only for INDISTRY members.

INDISTRY Live Events are better than having front row seats to a music concert or sporting event.  Our high definition live streams put you virtually on stage with your favorite artist or athlete from anywhere you live in the world. See them backstage before a performance or as they engage with fans in the audience.  It gets even better.  As a subscriber, you can join us in person at one of our exclusive Live events across the U.S.  These private INDISTRY experiences are offered to our  members on a limited, first-come-first-serve-basis.

Emerging Artists is INDISTRY’s launching pad for new music artists to share their talent, work, music videos, and other content that promote their music and engage with fans.  Emerging artists are carefully selected thru INDISTRY’s strict vetting process, which includes a panel of music business experts who review each submission for talent and content creativity.  Artists who successfully make the cut enjoy a promotional channel on INDISTRY’s Emerging platform, while gaining access to music executives for personalized mentorship.  Artists also benefit from INDISTRY’s “shop now” feature with a direct link to iTunes, Spotify, or other online destination to sell their music as fans watch their content.  It’s an artist’s dream to reach the world with their music. We just want to help open doors for them.

Music Videos showcases some of today’s best music videos from emerging artists across a variety of music genres: EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock and more.  Not only do we have music videos by artists but we expand the playlist with Visualizer videos produced in house for tracks that don’t already have a video.  Click the hotspot on the content and get directed to the artists’ Spotify or Apple Music to stream/download their album or go to their website to learn more.  It’s great music and all interactive!