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About Us

About Indistry

INDISTRY is a first-of-its kind interactive streaming platform that celebrates and develops emerging artists in film and music while allowing our audience to come together to shape the direction of the content they consume.  Through our platform and live events, INDISTRY fosters a creative community where users, creators, and brands can interact in a unique ecosystem celebrating creativity in film, fashion, music, and more.  

Championing the work of emerging talent in TV, film and music, we use our interactive entertainment platform to support them by way of distributing their work, live events, marketing and exposure, as well as access to our brand partners for collaboration.   We also work with celebrities who share our vision and want to entertain their fans; but more importantly, those who are using their influence to make a positive social impact in today’s world.

INDISTRY’s unique interactive technology allows users to not only watch content, but shop what they see on their screen, socialize and engage with it.  If a video has a hotspot, click it to engage.  Love discovering new music?  Check out our Emerging Artist Channels or Music Video channel, then click on the hotspot to go directly to Spotify or Apple iTunes to stream the artist’s full album.  Love fashion?  Buy an item the artist is wearing right on the music video!  Simple, fun and all on one device!

*** Interactivity not available on Apple TV

The INDISTRY mobile app is available on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile phones as well as Apple TV.


  • Episodic Show
  • Movies
  • Emerging music artist channels
  • Music videos
  • Premium channels
  • Live Streams

Download the Indistry Mobile App Now!

Download the Indistry Mobile App Now!

Shows. Movies. Music. Premium Channels. Live Events.  FREE.  ALL THE TIME.

Shows. Movies. Music. Premium Channels. Live Events.  FREE.  ALL THE TIME.

Indistry Leaders

Mary Landaverde - Indistry

Mary Landaverde

Co-Founder / CEO

Prior to Indistry TV, Mary spent the last 20+ years in brand strategy, marketing, licensing, and securing strategic partnerships for some of today’s biggest global brands and celebrity personalities in fashion, sports, music, television and film. Having worked with iconic brands in pop culture such as Playboy Enterprises, Miss America, Atari, Bob Marley, Sharper Image, and others, she has a deep understanding of

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what consumers want, what they care about and the role that entertainment and brands play in their lives. As CEO of INDISTRY, Mary provides strategic leadership for Indistry TV including long-term business goals as well as oversees brand strategy, revenue goals and strategic partnerships for the network.

Erroll - Indistry

Erroll Angara

Co-Founder / COO

Erroll’s background spans over 20 years in the legal and financial industries. Prior to joining INDISTRY TV, Erroll spent 13 years with the Wall Street Watchdog FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).  As Associate Director in FINRA’s Office of Dispute Resolution, Erroll worked with senior executives on strategic initiatives to expand FINRA’s arbitration program across 71 cities in the United States

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including San Juan, PR and London, UK. Erroll provided leadership and oversight on operational effectiveness for the division; training and data management for FINRA arbitrators; and building strategic partners with national organizations, media and industry stakeholders. In her current role as Chief Operations Officer, Erroll leads the day-to-day operational activities with a focus on operational efficiencies and for building infrastructure and processes to ensure Indistry TV delivers high-quality service and scalable growth for the network. She also oversees financial administration, talent recruitment, and interfaces with partners including legal, accounting and Board Members.

Winston Tsao

Chief Technology Officer

Winston Tsao has led highly productive, multidisciplinary teams, large and small, internal and offshore developers and has extensive hands-on experience to guide and execute successful digital deployments, social engagements, and PPC campaigns. He also has experience in enterprise applications development and integrations, infrastructure deployments and processes, marketing automation systems,

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and content marketing initiatives.  He has worked with both large companies and startups including Grainger, Tribune Publishing, Symmetri Marketing Group, Envisionit Media, Centrax Corporation and others.  Winston has deep knowledge in cloud platforms and infrastructure such as Amazon, Google, Cisco, as well as mobile app development in various platforms, languages, frameworks, and databases. Winston oversees all of Indistry TV’s technology development, roadmaps, tech support, and third-party applications and integrations.

Andrew Seger - Indistry

Andrew Seger

Chief Creative Officer

Andrew works on features, commercials, documentaries, television, corporate, music videos and fashion. Experienced in the worlds of Post-production, Production, and Instruction, he has a theoretical training based in hands-on experience. Having completed a Bachelor’s in Film and Digital Media from the Universtiy of Santa Cruz, California, he went on to complete a Master’s in Television and 

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Radio from San Francisco State University where he then taught, instructing Experimental Film Production and Audio for Video courses.  Upon moving to Brooklyn in 2009, Andrew found work in fashion, ultimately becoming the lead editor and post production manager at NYFW, Miami SWIM, ARUBA IN STYLE and Toronto Fashion Week.  He has since worked as an editor and producer on the Behind the Unsigned and Docutape series for Fuse TV, regularly contributing to commercial and corporate content with BBDO, Getty Images and Tishman-Speyer, cutting a number of music videos as well as working on the Huffington Post Rise series. Andrew is eagerly anticipating the release of his directorial debut, the transgender documentary, We Exist – Beyond the Binary. Clients include: BBDO, Huffington Post, Getty Images, IMG, Tishman-Speyer, Condé Nast, IFC, Mercedes-Benz, FUSE TV, MTV, Parsons, and !K7 Records.  

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