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Who is Cleeng?

CLEENG is our trusted partner that manages our video ecommerce activities, they are a reputable expert solution in this field. Cleeng simplifies the access to unique quality content and provides great customer support. To find out more about Cleeng, please visit


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The best things in life are free and so are we!  Once you download our app on your mobile device, you’ll be able to enjoy all of our content:  episodic shows, movies, emerging music artist channels, music videos and premium channels for FREE…. ALL THE TIME.

You’ll also get unique interactive features on videos that allow you to shop, share and interact with the content.

Content Info

What kind of programming do you have?

INDISTRY TV has carefully curated a fantastic library of content featuring INDISTRY originals, independent films, documentaries, shows, celebrity-exclusive content and more! INDISTRY content may vary by region and will constantly change as we strive to deliver fresh new content to our audience.

Your viewing experience is very important to us. We never use pop-up ads in our content, as advertisements can be a distraction while viewing your favorite show or live event. We work closely with our brand partners to carefully place products that are organic to the content and viewers can opt (or not) to interact with the video.  But the choice is yours! See more about shoppable videos by clicking here (click & re-direct below to How Can I shop for products that I see on the video).


Where can I access the content?

INDISTRY TV is an interactive streaming service that allows our customers to watch via the following devices:  Apple TV, and any iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.


How often do I get to see new content?

We will make sure that you’ll get the most out of your subscription!  New content will be released every month. We will automatically notify you of upcoming series, movies and live events so you don’t have to do anything!  Or follow us @indistrytv on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see what’s coming up in new programs!


How can I shop for products that I see on the video?

One of the coolest things about our app is that you can “shop the look” or purchase products that are available across the content right from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!  Click on the ‘hotspot’ on your screen to pause your video, get product information, and be taken directly to the site’s shopping cart. Where else can you purchase a product worn by your favorite artist right on the spot during programming?

One of the coolest things about our app is that we’re interactive!  When you see a hotspot across the video, that means that video has an interactive embedded feature where you can click to either shop (and purchase products that you see on the video at your favorite online stores) or get more information.  Like the song you hear on the video? Click on the hotspot and get directed to Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud or other music destination!  Don’t worry, your video will pause so you won’t lose your place.   Where else can you shop what you’re watching  right on the spot during programming?


How can I go to an INDISTRY Live event?

Whether it’s music concerts with your favorite artist or band, listening parties, fashion shows with your favorite (and hottest emerging) designers, film screenings, sports / health & fitness events, stand-up comedy or cool charity events with caring celebrities, we have it all in your cities!  INDISTRY Live events are always promoted on all of our social channels as well as on this site.  Simply follow us @indistrytv on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be in the know!   ** Limited availability, first-come-first-serve


The video or stream quality is bad.  What can I do?

Indistry TV is designed to play the highest quality video that can be delivered to your device over your internet connection.  If you experience low-quality video or rebuffering on a regular basis, it may be due to a slow network caused by a poor wireless signal, issues with your router, or the quality of your internet service.  Check that your internet package provides speeds fast enough for streaming video. To view in HD you will need to have higher download speeds.

Try reloading the page a few times or see if you can access the video from another browser and/or device.   You may also try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

If you only occasionally see poor video quality, this may be due to your network being congested.  Follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check whether your internet service provider (e.g. Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, etc.) is currently experiencing outages or issues.
  • Reduce usage of other devices currently accessing the network, such as streaming players, computers, game consoles and mobile devices.
  • Try restarting your device, modem and router.

If the issue continues please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team by filling out the contact form at

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