Erroll Angara

Erroll Angara’s background spans over 20 years in the legal and financial industries.  Prior to joining Indistry, Erroll spent 13 years with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).  As Associate Director, Erroll worked with senior executives on strategic initiatives to promote and expand FINRA’s programs across 71 cities in the United States, including San Juan, PR and London, UK.  Her program management experience included building strategic partners with national organizations, media and industry stakeholders; and negotiating contracts with media partners. Erroll provided leadership and oversight on operational effectiveness, industry media and data management.  In her current role as Chief Operations Officer, Erroll will lead the day-to-day operational activities at Indistry. With a focus on operational efficiencies and success, Erroll will be responsible for building infrastructure and processes to ensure Indistry delivers high-quality service and scalable growth for the network. She will oversee financial administration, talent recruitment, and interface with partners including legal, accounting and Board Members.