Membership Plans

INDISTRY offers 3 membership plans to fit your lifestyle

Standard Plan: Unlimited TV shows and movies.

Premium Plan:  Unlimited TV shows and movies, Celebrity Reel channels, and unlimited live stream content.

VIP Membership Plan: All the above, but as a VIP member, you’ll get access to our live events (limited tickets, first-come-first-serve), exclusive content throughout the year, merchandise discounts, and a $100 Apple gift certificate.


The first month is free for new members.  If you selected the Standard or Premium plans, and you choose to remain an INDISTRY member, you’ll be billed once a month on the date that you originally signed up.  If you selected the VIP plan, and you choose to remain an INDISTRY member, membership is a minimum of one year, and you’ll be charged the one-time annual fee.

Cancel any time with the Standard and Premium plans (at least 24 hours before the end of the current membership month to prevent another billing cycle).  VIP plans may be canceled or renewed automatically after the minimum one year term.

You can change or upgrade your plan (click & re-direct to the ‘upgrade plan’ section on website page) anytime from Your Account (click & re-direct to Account Page) page.