INDISTRY Presents “Mourning Son” Film Screening and Q&A with Dave Navarro and Todd Newman

INDISTRY put together a film screening of Mourning Son at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago.

Mourning Son looks at the lead up to and aftermath of Dave Navarro‘s mother’s murder by her ex-boyfriend when he was just 15 years old. Directed by Todd Newman, the documentary includes interviews with Navarro as well as family and friends to discuss the impact it had on their lives. Along the way, Navarro learned many details of the case that he hadn’t known about when they first happened.

For 8 years, his mother’s killer eluded capture while her family and friends had to deal with the aftermath of his actions, such as Navarro’s well documented drug addiction and resulting issues with forming and maintaining relationships.

INDISTRY screened the documentary at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago, followed by a questions and answers session at the end with Dave Navarro and Todd Newman, discussing the impact it had on the audience as well as the journey they took while making it over many years. At the end of the emotional evening, the gathering had the opportunity to personally meet the two to have their photographs taken with them whilst discussing the impact viewing the documentary had on them.

Mourning Son is available on iTunes and Amazon.