Indistry TV Launch Party Media Coverage

Coverage from WCIU-TV “The Jam”, Celebuzz, Showbiz Shelly (The J Show)

Our fabulous emcee from the launch party, Danielle Robay, did a great segment on her show WCIU-TV “The Jam” yesterday, sharing her interview with Mario Lopez and calling out his appearance at INDISTRY TV’s party from 2:02-2:13. Click here to view.

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After pitching event details and photos to Celebuzz, the outlet included a great shot of Mario Lopez from Saturday’s launch party in a roundup of “Hottest Star Sightings” to highlight his attendance at the event, calling out INDISTRY TV in the caption. Click here to view.

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Showbiz Shelly’s plug about the INDISTRY TV party on her B96 radio show was posted online! Click here to listen.

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